“Metinvest” started to implement the new technology of iron loading on the roads of Kerch

The US market is extremely important for us – it is the largest market for pig iron produced by enterprises of the group “Metinvest”. So Director of Sales Group “Metinvest” Dmitriy Nikolayenko said that the group “Metinvest” together with “Transship” in April 2014 for the first time carried out a raid on reloading iron Kerch.

On the ship Common Calipso, coming from Ukraine (Mariupol) in the US (Mobile) was dogruzheno 23 th. Tons of pig iron. The total volume batch production of iron Mariupol. Lenin was 50 thous. Tons.

“Reload implemented technology will enhance the competitiveness of our products and ensure regular supplies to the American consumer,” – said Nikolayenko.

In turn, Olga Ovchinnikov, director of the Logistics Group “Metinvest”, stressed: “Cast iron – quite complex for transshipment of cargo – heavy and requires delicate handling. In addition, the loading on the roads there is difficulty in mooring dogruzochnogo fleet, and work is often necessary when bad weather conditions. Therefore, additional loading raid iron is unique – this service is not available on the market of one. ”

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Note that in the optimization of cross-cutting logistics costs in the supply of iron in the US in the Dutch plant Verstegen have been developed and manufactured flap grapples are ideal for working with iron. When reloading has been used special machinery – Handling Facility capacity of 35 thousand. Tons, equipped with two grab crane capacity of 35 tons each.