Ports will double capacity of grain storage in five years

Port capacity for simultaneous storage of grain for 5 years will be doubled. This was during the signing of the memorandum between the port of Ilyichevsk and French Soufflet Group Minister infrastrukturyAndrey Brewery, reports DTN.
The minister said that at present the power of simultaneous storage of grain in the port is 3 million tons. With regard to the handling of grain (if we consider the entire chain from production to export), it is now at the peak, he said.
By signing the memorandum Soufflet Group demonstrates the intention over the next few years to implement an investment project in the State Enterprise “Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port”. Project details are not yet known.
Soufflet Group – French multidisciplinary artist, one of the world’s largest producers of malt. In Ukraine, the Soufflet Group to invest in the production of malt, malted barley and storage of wheat.

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